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Thank you Chona -

For inspiring me 
to be somebody 
I always wanted to be.

heartfelt thanks to those special Regine fans
who contributed material for this web site.
It's the fans love for her that inspired me
to create this simple but sincere site on her.

Special thanks to my old pal Patmos
for turning me on to Regine's beautiful music.

exceptional thanks to Robert J.
for turning me on to Regine the person.
The music is so much more meaningful when the singer 
is a person of real substance and true character.

I hope someday all our best talented singers
think in the way that this wonderful girl does.

She makes me proud to be Filipino



Also thanks to :          

Bong and his wife for helping
find and create the graphics.

Robert's sister for registering
the site in her name.

Teg, Chad and Michelle 
for designing Regine wallpapers.

Thanks to
for hosting the site for us.

And to 'Spider.' Thanks for quitting
when you did. Otherwise I might not
have learned how to make web pages



God bless you Regine -

   And the Philippines . .


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and don't forget 
who loves you . . the most

thanks M.F.